Ford is developing a new type of more intelligent headlight


On July 17, 2015, Ford Motor announced that it was developing a new type of headlamp with more intelligent functions. In addition to the state-of-the-art headlight system and traffic sign recognition, the new lights will also add a number of functions, such as the use of front cameras and infrared sensors to expand the lighting angle to both sides of the roundabout, and the function of lighting the spotlight after finding pedestrians at a distance at night when it is difficult to see clearly.

The new system uses GPS information to identify the curvature and inclination of the driving route and effectively expand the lighting angle. When GPS cannot be used, the camera embedded in the door mirror is used to detect the lane and predict the curvature of the road. More advanced models can use the navigator to memorize this information and automatically optimize the lighting angle when passing the same route again. In addition, when traffic signs are identified at the roundabout, the lighting angle will be automatically enlarged to both sides. In the past, the lighting angle was always enlarged to the inside of the roundabout, so it was difficult to see the exit.

The spotlight function can use the camera to shoot the road at the farthest 120m at night, detect the pedestrians, bicycles and large animals in the dark places of the road, and attract the driver's attention by shining the spotlight in the direction of these moving objects.

At night, especially on roads without lighting, the risk of accidents increases. In particular, pedestrians and cyclists are more likely to encounter accidents, and often suffer serious injuries or even death. And Ford is developing new features that can detect pedestrians and other moving objects in the dark earlier than drivers, so as to gain time to avoid accidents, thus helping to reduce accidents. (by Nikkei Technology)


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