About the lamp maintenance method


Understand the structure of lamps and lanterns:

The headlamp is the most important lighting lamp, the traffic regulations have requirements on the headlight's luminosity, the illumination scope, the lighting effect directly affects you and other people's traffic safety. There are two main types of headlamp: enclosed type and bulb replaceable type. Closed type refers to that the bulb, lens and lampshade are integrated to facilitate the mass production of the whole lamp. Most of the square and round lamps of minicars and commercial vehicles are enclosed. Most of the headlights in cars are irregular in shape, which is not conducive to making them into enclosed type. Therefore, the structure of separating bulb from lampshade and lens is used. Now the trend is that the more high-end cars, the more use of replaceable bulb headlamps.

The structure of auxiliary lamps is much simpler, most of them are ordinary incandescent bulbs, plus colored plastic lampshade. In the past two years, some imported cars have used colored light bulbs and transparent lampshades on the auxiliary lights. This kind of light looks bright and beautiful, but the versatility of the bulb is very poor.

Check the lighting effect of the whole vehicle

The requirements for the headlamp are simple: enough light intensity and proper projection angle. Lighting is a test item when the vehicle passes the annual audit line, but in daily use, as long as you feel good. The lighting effect of the headlamp is mainly related to two factors: light intensity and angle. There will be bumps and vibrations when the car is driving, so the lamps and lanterns will be loose and misplaced, which is also the most common reason for the decline of lighting effect.

The angle of the headlight is adjustable. Most of them are in the front cabin and behind the headlight. They are adjusted by the positioning screw. Some of them are adjusted outside the car or electrically in the car. Without the help of a light measuring instrument, you can park the car on a straight road and start the engine. But remember that the generator must be used to generate electricity to maintain the normal operation of the headlamp. After each fine adjustment of the angle, switch between the low beam and the high beam until you feel good.

In terms of auxiliary lighting, the side lights, brake lights and reversing lights are required to be bright enough without flashing. The blinking frequency of the turn signal should be between 60 and 120 times per minute, and the frequency of the front and rear lights should be the same. If the auxiliary lamp is not bright enough, you should first observe whether the lampshade is aging and yellowing, or water vapor caused by rainwater leakage. The method of cleaning lampshade is very simple, as long as the lampshade is disassembled and cleaned with a wet cloth. If you think the angle of the light is OK, but the lighting effect is still not good, it is time to change the light bulb. There are two kinds of bulb of automobile headlamp, incandescent lamp and halogen lamp. Halogen lamp has higher efficiency and longer life. Although the price is higher, it has gradually become the mainstream. When choosing a light bulb, you should pay attention to whether the power of the new bulb and the original bulb is completely consistent, because if the power is high, it will be burned immediately, and if it is small, the brightness will be insufficient. Generally, there will be a label indicating the power near the lamp.

Change the light bulb yourself

To remove the bulb, you should start from the back of the lamp. First, remove the plastic or rubber sleeve at the rear end of the lamp. The plastic sleeve is unscrewed. The rubber sleeve can be lifted directly, and then the lamp holder can be seen. Most light bulbs are fixed with wire springs. Shake the wire springs left and right to release them. Then you can pull out the lamp holder. At this time, you must check the power of the bulb again. Halogen bulb is a small cylindrical glass tube. When you take a new bulb, remember not to touch the surface of the glass by hand, otherwise the grease on the glass will cause the temperature of the bulb to rise sharply when it is powered on, which will cause the bulb to break. There are several locating pins on the bulb base. Insert the new bulb into the original position to make sure that the bulb will not be loose. Then, according to the reverse order of disassembly, the whole headlamp can be restored to its original shape. After that, you can go back to the driver's seat, turn on the headlight switch, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It is easier to replace the bulb of auxiliary lamp, which is usually removed from the rear of the lamp. Most light bulbs are fixed to a base plate that can be easily removed with a screwdriver. If it is a rear lamp, first remove the interior panel of the trunk. The bulb of auxiliary lamp is generally bulb type incandescent lamp, and the fixing method is the right angle plug lock type commonly used in our home. As with the headlamp, remember to replace the bulb with the same wattage.


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