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  • April 23, Chinese aid materials have arrived in Russia! We got the grateful from Russian people.

April 23, Chinese aid materials have arrived in Russia! We got the grateful from Russian people. 2020-04-25

I believe that many friends of Russia and China know their friendship. As the two countries of the socialist camp, they follow basically the same path, even if they have different paths. This outbreak of the virus epidemic shows the deep friendship between the two countries. Since the outbreak of the outbreak in China, Russia has donated many domestic medical supplies and equipment to China, not only with items, but also with financial assistance. .

Now, China's epidemic situation has stabilized, and Russia is in trouble. Although under Putin's control, Russia's situation is much better than other countries. Putin has launched a comprehensive prevention and control of the Russian epidemic. In this way, it also means that military forces will be used for epidemic prevention if necessary. As for Russia, which has helped us before, China is also not stingy, and has donated to the Russia in boxes and boxes of the very precious ventilator and protective clothing.

In his speech, Putin also said that this outbreak was only supported by friends who helped each other. This remark caused great international attention. Obviously, this friend included China because it was in Russia After receiving help from China, it donated 150 million masks to China for epidemic prevention. It can be said that there are contacts and very harmonious. Other countries are not so lucky. At present, the masks and ventilator exported from China can be said to be in short supply, and some Western countries will use their own power to intercept halfway.

In fact, only at a juncture can we see who is a true friend and who has two sides, at least compared to the Netherlands ’indiscriminate slander on the quality of Chinese masks, compared to Western countries’ threats of demanding China to compensate all economic losses It is China's strongest and most powerful ally. I also hope that the two countries will have a long-lasting friendship, and this epidemic can be spent together safely.

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