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Multi-country new crown pneumonia patients continue to increase, WHO raises global risk rating to highest level 2020-02-29

Global epidemic prevention and control has entered a "decisive moment." WHO advocates that every country must be prepared for all possible situations at the same time, and no country should have the luck that no cases will occur in its own country.

No evidence of out-of-control community transmission

More than 20 vaccines are being developed

Tan Desai emphasized that several countries have linked outbreaks, but most cases of new coronary pneumonia can still be traced to close contacts and cluster infections, and no evidence of uncontrolled transmission of the virus in the community has been found.

There are currently more than 20 new crown pneumonia vaccines under development around the world, and several drugs are undergoing clinical trials. The first batch of clinical trial results are expected to be obtained in a few weeks.

The origin of the new crown virus is uncertain

28 On the 28th local time, WHO experts said that the source of the new crown virus could not be determined at present, and the stigmatized language involving the region should be avoided without any benefit. Kokhov, technical director of the WHO health emergency project, said that there is still much work to be done to identify intermediate host animals that cause human infection with new coronary pneumonia. There is no exact answer, but active research is underway.

UN Secretary-General Guterres

Countries need to be fully prepared for the outbreak

2On February 28 local time, UN Secretary General Guterres issued a statement to reporters at UN headquarters. Guterres pointed out that countries need to be fully prepared. The biggest enemy now is not viruses, but fear, rumors and discrimination. Guterres said, "It is possible to control the epidemic, but the window of opportunity is narrowing." Guterres called on governments to come forward and unite and cooperate globally.

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