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New Item Ambient Light for Patrol 2020-06-19

Newphenix produce a new Patrol Ambient Light. Welcome to purchase! This is specification:


16-Hole wire harness+driver box:  4 Sets

Front door left/right, back door left/right plastic parts:  Each 1 Sets

User Manual: 1 PCS

Basic Parameters

Electrical parameters: 12 V Car Power

Color: Six kinds of basic colors. You can customize the color on the mobile App

Modes: Gradient, strobe, static, breathing, music rhythm, etc.


1. The wire harness of main driver door sheet is with transmitter and driver, wire harnesses of other three door sheet are same.

2. The installation methods and steps of the four door sheets are the same.

3. When it cannot be powered on, connect the copper wire with electrical tape winding after stripping the guide wire.

4. Warranty period is 1 year for the whole set.

Installation Instructions:

1. Dismantle the door sheet

2. Loose 2 screws

3. Install the fixed structral part, and tighten 2 screws which were loosed in step 2

4. Put the wire hamess through gap of door sheet.

5. A. Connect the fitting wire harness with original vehicle wire harness, then insert into the handrail key interface.

  B. Paste the driver box in appropriate position, connect the 4-hole wire harness with the wire harness showed in Step 4.

6. Reinstall the door sheet and complete the installation.

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