• New Item UV Germicidal Lamp
    New Item UV Germicidal Lamp May 28, 2020
    New Item UV Germicidal Lamp The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is actually a low-pressure mercury lamp. The low-pressure mercury lamp is excited by the low mercury vapor pressure to emit ultraviolet light. There are two main spectral lines, one is 253.7 nanometers and the other is 185 At the nanometer wavelength, both of these are ultraviolet rays that are invisible to the naked eye. Because ultraviolet rays can penetrate cells and cause death, it is necessary to pay attention not to directly irradiate people's skin, especially people's eyes when sterilizing with ultraviolet rays. When the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is lit, do not look directly at the lamp tube, because short-wave ultraviolet rays do not pass through the ordinary Glasses and glasses can avoid eye damage. Ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization have a wide range of uses. Hospitals, schools, nurseries, movie theaters, buses, offices, homes, etc., can purify the air to eliminate mildew smell. In addition, it can also produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ions. The room air after ultraviolet disinfection is especially Fresh, disinfected by ultraviolet rays in public places, can prevent some germs from spreading through the air or through the surface of objects.
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  • April 23, Chinese aid materials have arrived in Russia! We got the grateful from Russian people.
    April 23, Chinese aid materials have arrived in Russia! We got the grateful from Russian people. Apr 25, 2020
    I believe that many friends of Russia and China know their friendship. As the two countries of the socialist camp, they follow basically the same path, even if they have different paths. This outbreak of the virus epidemic shows the deep friendship between the two countries. Since the outbreak of the outbreak in China, Russia has donated many domestic medical supplies and equipment to China, not only with items, but also with financial assistance. . Now, China's epidemic situation has stabilized, and Russia is in trouble. Although under Putin's control, Russia's situation is much better than other countries. Putin has launched a comprehensive prevention and control of the Russian epidemic. In this way, it also means that military forces will be used for epidemic prevention if necessary. As for Russia, which has helped us before, China is also not stingy, and has donated to the Russia in boxes and boxes of the very precious ventilator and protective clothing. In his speech, Putin also said that this outbreak was only supported by friends who helped each other. This remark caused great international attention. Obviously, this friend included China because it was in Russia After receiving help from China, it donated 150 million masks to China for epidemic prevention. It can be said that there are contacts and very harmonious. Other countries are not so lucky. At present, the masks and ventilator exported from China can be said to be in short supply, and some Western countries will use their own power to intercept halfway. In fact, only at a juncture can we see who is a true friend and who has two sides, at least compared to the Netherlands ’indiscriminate slander on the quality of Chinese masks, compared to Western countries’ threats of demanding China to compensate all economic losses It is China's strongest and most powerful ally. I also hope that the two countries will have a long-lasting friendship, and this epidemic can be spent together safely.
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  • How to avoid the virus?
    How to avoid the virus? Apr 18, 2020
    1. Protection on the way to and from work Wear protective and effective masks correctly, wear masks to go out after washing hands, and wash hands and disinfect after returning home to take off the masks. Try not to use public transportation, it is recommended to walk, ride or take a private car, shuttle bus to work. If you must take public transportation, be sure to wear a mask throughout the journey, and try not to touch the items on the car with your hands as much as possible. Mobile phones and keys should be wiped with disinfectant wipes or 75% alcohol. 2. Office work protection Before entering the office building, consciously accept the body temperature test. If the body temperature is normal, you can work in the room and wash your hands in the bathroom. If the body temperature exceeds 37.2 ℃, please do not enter the building to work, and go home to observe the rest, and go to the hospital if necessary. Keep the environment of the office area clean. It is recommended to ventilate 3 times a day, 20 to 30 minutes each time, and keep warm during ventilation. Keep a distance of more than 1 meter between people, and wear masks when working in office. Keep washing hands frequently and drinking plenty of water, and insist on washing your hands strictly according to the seven-step method before eating and after going to the toilet. Receiving foreigners wear masks. Disinfect public office items such as telephones, mops, door handles, and elevator buttons regularly. 3. Protection of public areas Every day, public halls, corridors, conference rooms, elevators, stairs, toilets and other public parts must be disinfected. Use spray disinfection as much as possible. The cleaning utensils used in each area should be separated to avoid mixing. 4. Logistics personnel protection Service personnel, security personnel, and cleaning personnel must wear masks while working, and keep a safe distance from people. Canteen purchasers or suppliers must wear masks and disposable rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with fresh meat and poultry materials. Wash hands and disinfect after removing gloves. Cleaning personnel must wear disposable rubber gloves when working, and wash and disinfect their hands after the work. Security personnel must wear masks to work, and seriously ask and register the status of foreign personnel, and report any abnormal situations in time. 5. Protection of official visits A mask must be worn. Before entering the office building, first take a temperature test, and introduce the history of contact with Hubei and the symptoms of fever, cough, and poor breathing. There is no such situation, and the body temperature is 37.2 ° normal conditions, before entering the building for business. Strengthen the access control management and control the entry of unrelated outsiders into the work area. 6. Protection using air conditioner (1) Units using air-conditioning systems shall increase the amount of fresh air and disinfect the air supply and return air ...
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  • Chinese test reagent error rate is as high as 80%? Czech rumor
    Chinese test reagent error rate is as high as 80%? Czech rumor Apr 07, 2020
    A health expert from Moravia-Silesia, Czech Republic, said in an interview with the media that the error rate of the Chinese testing reagents bought by the Czech Republic reached 80%. In response to this problem, Roman Prymula, Deputy Minister of Health of the Czech Republic, came out on the 23rd to clarify that the 80% error rate is incorrect, and China ’s rapid testing reagents do have an error rate of 20% -30% , This Czech Republic has long known. The reason why the Czech Republic has an error rate of 80% is because the local medical institutions in the country have misunderstood the use of rapid detection reagents and used them incorrectly. According to the Czech media such as "The Prague Morning News" and Novinky News Network, the rapid detection reagent detected the new coronavirus antibody in the human body, and the new coronavirus may already exist in the body a few days before the patient's infection. Not generated, so it is not detected. Therefore, the rapid antibody test can only play an "auxiliary role" in the test and cannot be used as a diagnostic test. Primila said that the Czech Republic ’s initial recommendation to medical institutions was to test people with symptoms of infection that lasted 3 days. He suggested that the use of rapid test reagents be postponed to the 5th day. He said: "Rapid testing does not produce a true conclusion. If the test is negative, it means that the person being tested does not have antibodies. If he does not have antibodies, it means he is healthy or has not found a virus." Regarding the two detection reagents currently used in China, Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, made a relevant introduction at the press conference of the Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism of the State Council on March 20: The currently approved new coronary pneumonia detection reagents mainly include two categories, The class is nucleic acid detection reagents, and the one is antibody detection reagents. The nucleic acid detection process includes specimen processing, nucleic acid extraction, and PCR detection. The average detection time takes 2-3 hours. Because it directly detects the viral nucleic acid in the collected samples, it has strong specificity and relatively high sensitivity, and is currently the main detection method. Antibody detection includes colloidal gold method and magnetic particle chemiluminescence method, wherein the average detection time of colloidal gold method is about 15 minutes, a drop of blood can be visually observed within 15 minutes, and magnetic particle chemiluminescence method generally requires 30-60 minute. Antibody testing can be used to assist in the diagnosis of cases with negative nucleic acid tests, and can also be used for screening and screening, but it cannot replace nucleic acid detection methods. This is because the antibody test is to detect the antibody level in the human blood. In the early stage of disease infection, the ...
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  • International Development Cooperation Agency: China's indigenous epidemic transmission has been basically blocked
    International Development Cooperation Agency: China's indigenous epidemic transmission has been basically blocked Mar 30, 2020
    The State Council Information Office is scheduled to hold a press conference at 10 am on Thursday, March 26, 2020. Luo Zhaohui, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Xu Nanping, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Zeng Yixin, Deputy Director of the Health and Health Committee, and Deng Boqing, Deputy Director of the International Development Cooperation Agency Introduce China's international cooperation in fighting the epidemic, and answer questions from reporters. Mr. Luo Zhaohui, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Xu Nanping, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Zeng Yixin, Deputy Director of the Health and Health Committee, and Mr. Deng Boqing, Deputy Director of the International Development Cooperation Agency, please tell them about China's international cooperation on fighting the epidemic and answer Everyone's concern. In determining the provision of anti-epidemic assistance programs in China, we mainly considered the following factors: First, the severity of the local epidemic, the local medical and health conditions, and the lack of medical supplies. Second, the specific assistance needs put forward by the countries concerned to China. Third, the capabilities of the Chinese government itself. On the premise of fully protecting the needs of the domestic anti-epidemic work, we have properly formulated the assistance work program based on the principle of doing our best and doing our best. Specific assistance programs, including the type and quantity of supplies, the responsibilities of both parties, the division of tasks, and so on, shall be determined by the two governments. Chinese traditional culture pays attention to the grace of dripping water and reporting to the spring. To those friendly countries that have supported and helped China fight the epidemic, we always keep in mind that we will definitely return in time. At the same time, countries have different national conditions and capabilities. China thanks its friends for their material assistance, and also appreciates and cherishes their political and moral support. China's foreign aid is not only about "voting me for peaches and returning them to Qiong Yao", but also firmly believes that "the fire burns true gold and sees the truth in times of trouble." This year marks the 70th anniversary of China's foreign aid. In the past 70 years, in the spirit of internationalism and humanitarianism, China has provided assistance to developing countries within its capacity, especially in terms of emergency humanitarian assistance. China has provided emergency, suffering and relief to countries that have suffered natural disasters and major infectious diseases. Difficult to obtain high praise from the international community. Whether in the Indian Ocean tsunami, the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal, or the response to the Ebola, plague, and Zika outbreaks, Chinese aid can be seen. At present, the epidemic is still developing, and all countries are responding with all their...
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  • About Bi LED Projector Lens
    About Bi LED Projector Lens Mar 23, 2020
    What about lens headlights? 1. Compared with halogen headlights, the low-beam illumination range of xenon integrated lens headlights is wider, more uniform and brighter. The light and dark cutting lines of its dipped beam are more obvious, and its strong lighting effect will not affect the sight of the oncoming traffic during night driving. The effect of high beam illumination is beyond the reach of halogen lamps. 2. In the cutting of near and far light, the mechatronic lens changing system is far superior to halogen headlights. When the lens changes light at an incredibly fast frequency like lightning, halogen lamps can only helplessly The filament lights up, goes out, lights up, and goes out again. What is the lens headlight principle? 1. Because the lens has a strong light-gathering ability, use it to illuminate the road. 2. Because the light dispersion is very small, its light range is far and clearer than ordinary halogen lamps. Therefore, you can see things far away in the first place, and avoid crossing intersections or missing targets. 3. Compared with the headlights with traditional lamp heads, the headlights with lens-type lamp heads have uniform brightness and strong penetrating power, so he has a strong penetrating power in rainy or foggy weather. In this way, the oncoming vehicle can receive the light information for a short time and avoid accidents. 4. The life of the HID bulb in the lens is 8 to 10 times as the ordinary bulb, thereby reducing the unnecessary trouble caused by you always changing the lamp. 5. The lens xenon lamp does not need to be installed with any power supply system, because the real HID gas discharge lamp must have a voltage stabilizer, 12V voltage, and then convert the voltage to normal voltage, stably and continuously supply the xenon bulb to emit light. Thus, it can play a function of saving power. . 6. As stated in Article 5, because the lens bulb is boosted to 23000V by the ballast, it is used to stimulate the xenon gas to achieve high brightness immediately after the power is turned on. 4 seconds brightness. This will allow you to prepare for parking ahead of time in an emergency and avoid disasters. Know more pls click this website:
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