• About Bi LED Projector Lens
    About Bi LED Projector Lens Mar 23, 2020
    What about lens headlights?  1. Compared with halogen headlights, the low-beam illumination range of xenon integrated lens headlights is wider, more uniform and brighter. The light and dark cutting lines of its dipped beam are more obvious, and its strong lighting effect will not affect the sight of the oncoming traffic during night driving. The effect of high beam illumination is beyond the reach of halogen lamps.  2. In the cutting of near and far light, the mechatronic lens changing system is far superior to halogen headlights. When the lens changes light at an incredibly fast frequency like lightning, halogen lamps can only helplessly The filament lights up, goes out, lights up, and goes out again.  What is the lens headlight principle?  1. Because the lens has a strong light-gathering ability, use it to illuminate the road.  2. Because the light dispersion is very small, its light range is far and clearer than ordinary halogen lamps. Therefore, you can see things far away in the first place, and avoid crossing intersections or missing targets.  3. Compared with the headlights with traditional lamp heads, the headlights with lens-type lamp heads have uniform brightness and strong penetrating power, so he has a strong penetrating power in rainy or foggy weather. In this way, the oncoming vehicle can receive the light information for a short time and avoid accidents.  4. The life of the HID bulb in the lens is 8 to 10 times as the ordinary bulb, thereby reducing the unnecessary trouble caused by you always changing the lamp.  5. The lens xenon lamp does not need to be installed with any power supply system, because the real HID gas discharge lamp must have a voltage stabilizer, 12V voltage, and then convert the voltage to normal voltage, stably and continuously supply the xenon bulb to emit light. Thus, it can play a function of saving power. .  6. As stated in Article 5, because the lens bulb is boosted to 23000V by the ballast, it is used to stimulate the xenon gas to achieve high brightness immediately after the power is turned on. 4 seconds brightness. This will allow you to prepare for parking ahead of time in an emergency and avoid disasters. Know more pls click this website:
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  • About Pneumonia
    About Pneumonia Mar 11, 2020
    About Pneumonia 1. Basic causes Pneumonia can be caused by the infection of pathogenic microorganisms, but also by other factors such as radiation damage and allergic reactions. Pneumonia caused by some infections (such as bacteria and viruses) is contagious and can be transmitted through droplets. Pneumonia caused by non-infectious factors is not infectious. (1) Bacterial infection: such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, etc. Among them, Streptococcus pneumoniae is the most common pathogen of bacterial pneumonia. (2) Viral infection: including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), parainfluenza virus (types 1, 2, and 3), influenza virus (types A and B), adenovirus, cytomegalovirus, and measles virus. Is the most common cause of pneumonia in children under 5 years of age. (3) Atypical pathogen infections: including mycoplasma (mycoplasma pneumoniae), chlamydia (chlamydia trachomatis, chlamydia pneumoniae), Legionella infection, and so on. (4) Parasitic infections: including hydatid, toxoplasma, and schistosomiasis. (5) Fungal infection: including Candida albicans, Aspergillus, Cryptococcus, Pneumocystis, Mucor and so on. (6) Non-infection causes: radiation damage, foreign bodies such as food, beverages, saliva or vomitus are inhaled into the lungs, and allergic reactions can cause pneumonia. 2. Pathogenesis The airways and lungs are continuously exposed to pathogenic microorganisms from the external environment, especially the upper respiratory tract and oropharynx, with normal flora colonization. Under normal circumstances, the defense mechanism of the respiratory system can remove pathogenic microorganisms. The main ways include: (1) Cough reflex helps to excrete pathogenic microorganisms. (2) The cell wall of the respiratory tract can prevent pathogenic microorganisms from invading the lungs. (3) Proteins produced by lung cells can attack pathogenic microorganisms. (4) Alveolar macrophages can also remove pathogenic microorganisms. However, if the defense mechanism of the respiratory system is damaged, a large number of pathogenic microorganisms are inhaled and the normal defense ability of the respiratory system is broken, and infectious pathogenic microorganisms are inhaled into the respiratory tract, etc., all can cause pneumonia. High-risk factors (1) Crowd: Elderly people over 65 years of age and infants under 2 years of age are at increased risk. Due to the decline in the ability of the elderly to resist the disease, the infant's immune system is underdeveloped and therefore vulnerable to infection. (2) Suffering from chronic diseases: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis, diabetes, heart failure, chronic liver disease and other diseases, which can weaken the defense mechanism of the lungs and increase the risk of pneumonia. (3) Bad living habits: long-term smokers and alcoholics have a higher risk of disease. (4) Medical related factors and trauma: tr...
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  • Multi-country new crown pneumonia patients continue to increase, WHO raises global risk rating to highest level
    Multi-country new crown pneumonia patients continue to increase, WHO raises global risk rating to highest level Feb 29, 2020
    Global epidemic prevention and control has entered a "decisive moment." WHO advocates that every country must be prepared for all possible situations at the same time, and no country should have the luck that no cases will occur in its own country. No evidence of out-of-control community transmission More than 20 vaccines are being developed Tan Desai emphasized that several countries have linked outbreaks, but most cases of new coronary pneumonia can still be traced to close contacts and cluster infections, and no evidence of uncontrolled transmission of the virus in the community has been found. There are currently more than 20 new crown pneumonia vaccines under development around the world, and several drugs are undergoing clinical trials. The first batch of clinical trial results are expected to be obtained in a few weeks. The origin of the new crown virus is uncertain 28 On the 28th local time, WHO experts said that the source of the new crown virus could not be determined at present, and the stigmatized language involving the region should be avoided without any benefit. Kokhov, technical director of the WHO health emergency project, said that there is still much work to be done to identify intermediate host animals that cause human infection with new coronary pneumonia. There is no exact answer, but active research is underway. UN Secretary-General Guterres Countries need to be fully prepared for the outbreak 2On February 28 local time, UN Secretary General Guterres issued a statement to reporters at UN headquarters. Guterres pointed out that countries need to be fully prepared. The biggest enemy now is not viruses, but fear, rumors and discrimination. Guterres said, "It is possible to control the epidemic, but the window of opportunity is narrowing." Guterres called on governments to come forward and unite and cooperate globally. More detail pls follow:
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  • About the virus
    About the virus Feb 19, 2020
       In order to deal with the virus, we sterilize all equipment to ensure the safety of the working environment.    No one is infected with the virus in the company. At present, the government has effectively controlled the epidemic and the epidemic war is about to end.
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  • Newphenix join in Canton Fair Sum-up Meeting
    Newphenix join in Canton Fair Sum-up Meeting Dec 13, 2019
    Newphenix as a Enterprise representatives join in Canton Fair Sum-up Meeting. And do the plan for the next Canton Fair to service more clients. Hope the next Canton Fair will more better.
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  • Imported automatic pinching machines from South Korea
    Imported automatic pinching machines from South Korea Oct 18, 2019
    Save labor source as well as improve qualified rate up to ≥98% Support Newphenix to be TOP3  biggest manufacturers of HID Xenon bulbs in China.
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